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We believe Bible Study is important to life as it helps to enhance the knowledge of Christ for ones own personal relationship.


Three reasons we believe Bible Study is warranted:

        * It brings DEEP TRANSFORMATION

        * It develops INTIMATE FELLOWSHIP

        * It proves for SPIRITUAL MULTIPLICATION

Ministry Training Courses

Enhancing leadership ability beyond laity status. It affords those who believe they have been called to another level in God to pursue the greater work through a better understanding of what that work entails.

  • Discipleship Training Course

  • Prophetic Training Course

  • Pastoral Training

  • Leadership Development

  • Youth Leadership 



Sunday School provides a training ground for ministry groups to be enhanced through life changing teaching. Sunday School provides the opportunity for all ages and stages to grow in the knowledge of Christ as well as being guided in Christian standards that will inevitably instill structure. It is a gearing towards life changing outcomes that can and will benefit the student throughout their life. Many remember their Sunday School teacher and the lessons taught well into their lives.


Encouraging, training, teaching the gospel on their level.  Helping to establish their faith to believe in God for themselves. Teaching them the value of prayer, trust, and the Word of God in any given situation. 

Meeting them - WHERE THEY ARE!

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