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Apostle Vernard L. Whitfield, Jr.

Born in Fayetteville, NC in February 1960, his family moved to Washington, D.C. when he was 3 years old and that is where he was raised. He was educated in the DCPS where he graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School in 1977 - one year ahead of his class, he returned to Fayetteville State University for one semester before enlisting in the U.S. Army. He remained in the military from 1978 - 1996. He served partook in several missions, but his stent in Saudi Arabia from November 1990 until September 1991, rendered him a disabled veteran. He received several awards while in the military - Army Commendation Medal, Two-Time Golden Glove Boxing Champ (Ft. Sill, OK.), Army Achievement Medal,  just to name a few.  In 1991 after returning from duty in Saudi Arabia and spending three months in the hospital, Apostle Whitfield was ordained Youth Ministry (July 1992) by the late Elder Emerson Pittman of New Born Church of God in the Spirit of Christ, where he served until his departure in August 1993.


Upon returning to Fayetteville, NC in 1993, Apostle Whitfield and family joined Christ Gospel Church of Hope Mills under the tutelage of Dr. Ron Godbolt , where he served diligently until the Lord called him into ministry in 1997. Apostle Whitfield received his degree in History from Fayetteville State University in May  2000 and went on to Methodist University to pursue a degree in Social Work. After completing a Ministerial Training Course, he established a ministry organization (Discipleship Covenant Ministry, International, 2008), a ministry that reaches out to starter ministries, helping to enlighten them by making sure that they are equipped to do ministry outside of the pulpit. He is currently a student of the IPHC School of Ministry, Falcon, NC., and hosts a weekly radio program with the WIDU Pastors Coalition of Fayetteville, NC.

Apostle Whitfield met his wife in the military in Ft. Meade, MD in 1983. They were friends for 8 years before they were married in November 1990. Together they have six beautiful children and a total of 15 grand children.




Born in August 1964 and raised in Washington, D.C., Pastor Phyllis was educated in the DCPS until she graduated from Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School in June 1982. She worked several jobs in the SYEP for D.C. Youth each summer from the age of twelve until she got her job in the U.S. Department of State at sixteen. She worked this job while a senior in high school until she enlisted in the US Army Reserves in March 1993. After completing Basic Training and AIT she returned to D.C. and back to her job at the State Department working in various bureaus within the agency until her departure in 1993.Her tenure in the USAR lasted 10 Years. 

In 1990 she married Vernard L. Whitfield, Jr., left the military in March 1992, and in August 1993 they moved by the leading of the Holy Spirit to Fayetteville, NC where she thought they were going to attend to his aging/ailing parents and co-parent their six children, until the Lord called them into ministry. In 1998 she along with her husband were ordained pastors by the United For Christ Fellowship Circle under the Leadership of then Bishop Carl Von Ellis and a host of fellow of Presbytery.  After working along side her husband to set up and establish Righteous Guide Ministry, Pastor Phyllis ventured off into her pursuit of career and life advancement.

Pastor Phyllis enrolled in college in 1997 and received her first degree in 1999 (AAS Information System, May 1999); after which she went on to receive her AAS  in Early Childhood Education (December 2004), she became an entrepreneur in August 2003 (Clouds of Joy Daycare Center). Finally receiving her BA in Education, December 2009. Pastor Phyllis also received her Certification in Ministerial Training from Cliffdale Christian Center and is currently enrolled in The National Christian Counselors Association, pursing her certification in Christian Counseling.

Together they have hosted a TV Show: It's In the Word!

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